Under the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code, energy drinks are defined as Formulated Caffeinated Beverages – the information on the regulation around this and all other food categories is available online at the Food Standards website.

Energy drinks compositional makeup has regulation around the level and addition of all of the ingredients typically used. The main stimulate is of course the caffeine which is closely monitored to ensure levels are kept to legal levels.

All carbonated energy drinks under the V brand have 31mg caffeine per 100ml. So a 250ml can of V is similar to drinking a standard cup of coffee.

The history of caffeine is as colourful as its many current uses. A naturally occurring material, it is found in the leaves, seeds and/or fruit of more than 63 plant species growing around the world. It simply keeps you awake.

Since ancient times, people have consumed caffeine in foods and beverages as a pick-me-up ingredient. Small amounts of caffeine have been used in various soft drinks for over a century.

Guarana is a vine native to the Amazon. The small, red fruit from the shrub is reputed to increase mental alertness and fight fatigue. It has been used by Amazonian Indians for hundreds of years for these very reasons. Various parts of the plant are used but it is the seed, which is responsible for its popularity today.

Traditionally the seeds were dried and ground and made into a beverage. Today extracts are prepared from the ground seeds, which are then concentrated, dried into powders, or made into soft drinks. In Brazil locally made guanara soft drinks outsell Coca Cola.

V contains 11.2g sugar per 100ml so we recommend you try our Sugarfree version. 

In short: no.In a slightly lengthier description:The taurine used in V is a synthetic version not from animal origin and therefore makes V suitable for vegetarians. 

V captures all the essential pick me up qualities that made the Energy Drink category famous all around the world. Whether you require a morning buzz, a mid-afternoon wake-up call, a workout buddy or the energy for a big night out the V portfolio has an offer just for you. 

We don’t copy any other brand – our logo, green colour and personality are all totally unique – we do our own thing and we are mostly about the daytime – the energy to get you really doing more of whatever you are into, the energy to get you on top and delivering your top game. With our great tasting energy drink we have been Australasia’s most well-known and popular Energy Drink. 

V is not intended for children. We do not recommend V if you’re sensitive to caffeine, or are pregnant or are lactating. V should only be consumed in the recommended quantities – clearly printed on all our products. 

Yes, we’re vegan friendly! There are no animal products in any of our drinks except V Iced Coffee & Iced Chocolate. 

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